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Facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation can turn one’s life upside down. For a decade those in need have trusted Ryan at Doyle Law to help calmly and confidently navigate them through the criminal justice system. Contact or call anytime at 239.334.0408 to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

Following an arrest or investigation the attorney you choose may be the difference between a poorly devised defense or full control of your case. Hire an attorney with consistent proven results.

Aggressive Representation For Criminal Defense

It is crucial to have experienced representation immediately to counsel, guide, and protect you through the system. As a prosecutor Ryan at Doyle Law tried over twenty-five jury trials. Trial practice did not end when moving to the defense, Ryan has successfully defended in trial a wide variety of cases from the most serious homicide case, to second degree criminal wildlife violations. This unique prosecution perspective gives an understanding of criminal defense from every angle, providing you with the strongest, most innovative defenses.

Practicing exclusively in criminal cases for over a decade, Ryan at Doyle Law has defended hundreds at the most crucial times in their lives. This experience includes:


Driving Under the Influence cases are complicated. An experienced DUI attorney will understand the detrimental effects and outcomes a conviction can carry and how to avoid that conviction. Doyle Law knows how to get you driving again and the defenses to pursue to ensure all your rights are protected.

Drug Crimes

Frequently there are strong opportunities to defend drug crimes. A thorough and extensive review of the evidence in your case can reveal openings for a defense strategy. Contact Doyle Law immediately if you are accused of a drug crime.


Facing firearm charges is not a light matter and Florida punishes those convicted of such offenses severely. Even if you believe the use of a weapon was justified, you should never make a statement to law enforcement. Ryan at Doyle Law has years of experience working with clients accused of illegally carrying or using a firearm.


No matter how minor the charge may be, a conviction can lead to lifelong consequences. It does not matter whether the case is a serious felony or minor misdemeanor, the attention to detail does not change.

Personally Invested In Your Future

Doyle Law strives to provide compassionate, personalized, reliable representation. In doing so, Ryan works with seasoned private investigators and respected experts to minimize the consequences you face. Extraordinary results require extraordinary efforts. These efforts can be the difference between jail time or probation, an acquittal or an avoidable conviction. Sound case analysis and fundamental fairness are guiding principles to achieve these goals.

Legal Services Provided

Free Consultations

A free consultation is offered. The consultation is an opportunity to have an in depth, personal evaluation and discuss the details of your case. All relevant reports will be available for review and every question you have will be answered. We will discuss upcoming court dates, possible defenses, costs to you, the amount of time your case will be open, possible sentences, your expectations, and possible resolutions.

Driving Under The Influence

Being accused of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can have detrimental effects and outcomes, regardless of age, sex, or social status. If you have been accused of a DUI offense, the Fort Myers based Doyle Law will ensure all your rights are protected.

Serious Felonies

Whether you have been accused of Child Abuse, Drug Trafficking, DUI Manslaughter, a Sexually Motivated Crime, or Homicide, Ryan at Doyle Law has the research skills and trial experience needed to put you in the best position possible. A thorough and extensive review of the evidence in your case allows us to discover possible openings for a defense strategy. If possible, contact us immediately after your arrest in order for us to help you the best way we can.

Injunctions, Dependency and Other Matters

Having your children taken from you or being served an injunction at your place of business can be as earth- shattering as any criminal accusation. Ryan at Doyle Law has represented college students at conduct hearings and helped those with past missteps get their record seal or expunged. Doyle Law will represent you in any of these matters.

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